Canon XLH1

On September 18th, 2005, Canon broke new land in The digital video camera industry, announces the XL H1, the first DVC from Canon with high Definition. Originally developed, based on the needs of the Professionals and enthusiasts of the cameraman, XL H1 maintains the usability of Canon very popular with XL2 while at the same […]

10 Benefits Of Solo Vacations That You Will Love

“All we do is take a single trip”-Natalie Goldberg The previous quotation of this new era author and speaker is inspiring in all terms. It is true that we come to this life because our parents and nurture each other. But there is a point of time when we realize that all our trips are […]

Brain Foods That Work For You

Funny how it sounds, can berries really help when it comes to your tests? Exams, quizzes or exams can be mentally and physically strenuous as it requires your ability to focus. There are a variety of brain foods that have been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on the ability to focus, remember and […]

How to Have a Successful Business: Make a Difference

Profit, profit, profit. The focus of every business, right? Well… Right, the benefits are important. Indispensable for a sustainable business. But it doesn’t have to be your main goal. If you make the difference, mark the focus of your business, you will benefit. Companies that consciously focus on a positive difference, with a positive effect, […]